A Story of Love

Flowers on Wood
Jaclyn Neuser, Jackie Neuser, DEN Soy Candle Company

Meet Jaclyn

My name is Jaclyn and I am a soy lover. My own den, the heart of my home, is often burning the clean delight of soy candles. Often, when you step into someone's "DEN" the first sensation that touches you is the scent. I pride myself on having a home that is inviting and welcoming, soy candles have always been a part of that invitation. I started this venture, DEN Soy Candle Company, because, like any passion, I wanted to share my love of soy with family and friends. I have turned my love of purchasing soy candles to producing them. A candle can bring back a cherished memory, a forgotten place, or an escape. It is my hope that each time you light one of our candles; you too are creating some sweet memories and share them with your loved ones. Thank you for supporting DEN Soy Candle Company. I want nothing more than for you to fall in love with our collection. Each jar is named after a precious memory of mine. Here's to capturing yours. Relax and Get Cozy.