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Misty Woodland DEN Soy Candle Company



Recall Your Precious Memories


Fresh baked banana bread, hot chocolate with marshmallows, a walk through the woods, lilacs, a lazy lake, and a glass of your favorite wine... Immerse your senses and relive memories through some of your favorite scents. It's so simple to do with DEN soy candles. Bring the comforts of life with you, wherever you go.

All Natural Soy Candles

Naturally Simple

DEN Soy Candle Company specializes in the production of high quality, handcrafted soy candles, located in Brookfield, WI. Our candles burn clean and our fragrances are inspired by fond, childhood memories. Soy wax is a vegetable wax directly from soybean oil. Paraffin wax is a refined gasoline product. Your choice should be clear, after that factual ditty. Soy wax cleans up with soap and water. Soy burns slower and produces zero soot. Cotton wicks go hand in hand with an eco-friendly soy candle. No artificial dye and/or coloring is found in our DEN candles. The scent carried by soy candles fills any room with the aroma of your choosing. 

"I love how I can smell my new candle without even lighting it!"

Anne Michelle
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